Published August 2nd, 2011 by Admin is one of the fastest growing web hosting brands. They are now one of the top 50 domain registrar and offering great value in domain registration. They are now offering unlimited domain plan price at $3.98 per month. Their domain registration service also includes free website hosting. These are some of the advantages to host with them. web hosting

In order to become the best, it’s a must be constantly improved and upgraded. This is the same for web hosting services and company must constantly upgrading their products and continue to improve their quality in order to become better and more acceptable by users. We have spotted the same thing at here, they are now cheaper and offering more features. They offer unlimited hosting starting from $3.98 per month and includes cPanel control panel, free addon, and free domain name for their new user. To know more about them, this Doteasy review site has more info, facts, feedback and coupon code for you.

Is Doteasy web hosting feature any good? Their basic plan is zero cost when you choose to signup new domain or transfer domain over. This is their latest domain name promotion. Beside this, they have great web hosting deals too. Here is their latest features and it includes unlimited storage space, bandwidth, database and domain. Come with free cPanel, domain name, website builder tool and 30-day money back guarantee. They use one of the best cPanel X control panel and it is the most reliable choice.

cPanel control panel

Their free web hosting plan includes email service. This free web hosting plan is complete with e-mail account, you are given an e-mail accounts for your domain name. Whenever you order $0 web hosting package, you are getting domain name plus web space plus e-mail account.

If you require more e-mail accounts, you should go for Ultra hosting plan or unlimited hosting plan. Both hosting plan offering you more e-mail accounts, ultra hosting plan giving you 100 e-mail account creation.

Take note this e-mail accounts is limited to 10 MB for e-mail storage.

Doteasy webmail account is provides in cPanel. In previous Doteasy review articles, we looked through their free hosting plan e-mail account and ultra hosting e-mail account. You can create up to 100 e-mail accounts in Ultra hosting package. This plan is complete with webmail client. You can log in to your webmail directly from homepage. At homepage left-hand side is the webmail log in panel. Enter your e-mail address and password to access your webmail.

How to upload files to server and their FTP service is reviewed here. When looking for a web hosting plan, it’s also important to check on FTP feature and service quality. It’s a common trend to see unlimited FTP accounts for shared hosting plan. It’s important to make sure your hosting package is offering you what you require, this including a quality FTP service.

For FTP account and services, your ultra web hosting package offering you with 10 FTP accounts creation. In standard, you can create new FTP user account, assign username and password, and assign FTP root folder for this particular user.

Through my testing with FTP services, it was easy setup and smooth running. No FTP connection problem or termination problem so far.

Their customer support is responsive and helpful. This is one of the very few free web hosting provider that also offering technical support to their customer. They are famous for their $0 web hosting services with email that you get when ordering new domain name from them. Currently, there are over 160,000 domain names hosted and they are offering shared hosting services to their customers as well. Question is how good is their support team in handling technical issue? How fast is support team in handling customer inquiry?

If you visited their homepage and browse to their support page, you will see the only option is to browse the knowledgebase to search for answer and solution yourself. Only after you signing to member page, you can visit the email ticket support page. Besides using email ticket, you can use the phone support, they also offering pre-sales live chat support, if you have sales inquiry, you can chat with their sales team first.

Why choose them and what are their advantages? What is their advantages? First of all, this is a trusted web hosting brand. They are serious in delivering the best web hosting service to their customers. Every year we seen improvement in their web hosting package and promotion, and they have new content updated in their website too. They have cheap domain name and free web hosting plan when you buy domain name from them. This put them in the right consumer market that looks for the perfect budget web hosting company. In summary, we are rating this web hosting a 8 out of 10 scores we given to any web hosting company.

This Doteasy affiliate programs pays up to $70 per referral. Each time we reviewing a hosting company, we will review in every aspect, and not limited to hosting features and user feedback etc. It’s important to review the marketing segment of the hosting company as well. Affiliate marketing plays important role in the success of a hosting company. The same goes for this affiliate program as well.

This is a very few hosting provider that offering affiliate payment to free hosting plan. Each time you refer a new customer to sign up a $0 hosting plan, you will earn a commission of $5.

Seem like there are few type of affiliate payment at here and the ultra hosting plan sales commission is $50 per new customer. The highest will be the unlimited hosting plan referral of $70 in commission. For the domain sale, the commission earned is only $5 per sale.

Web hosting affiliate program

Doteasy DNS domain name server is as following. Are you looking for their DNS record to use? You have to check the setup email that you receive after sign up with them. Inside here we have the instruction of their domain name server that your account have to use. The default DNS is:


To host your website with existing domain name, log in to your existing domain control panel, and change the domain name server field to point to above. Wait for domain propagation to complete, and your website is now fully hosted with them.

Visit their website today for cheap domain registration and high quality web hosting service.

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This web hosting company is a great place to look for domain registration and free web hosting plan. Sign for their domain name and get free website hosting. This is one of the greatest domain registration serviced ever!

Do you know that you can get discount price on their domain name right now? Yes, even on their free web hosting plan where you have to register a new domain name at $25/yr or $19.50/mo when you choosing 5 years registration. Well, with this Doteasy coupon code you can get it for just $6.93 for the first year only. Amazing discount doesn’t it?

Activate Doteasy coupon 201101NDS for domain discount!

Cheap domain name registration

How much do you save actually? Regular price is $25/yr and you are paying for $6.93/yr only, and this is more than 70% in discount. Yes, with this Doteasy promo code you get $18 dollars instant discount on their domain name. You get the humongous domain name discount when activating the best coupon code for domain name! Your domain name includes free web hosting plan as well, and this combo offer only cost you $6.93/year only!

$18 off promotion code

There are not many web hosting company that willing to give free web hosting plan, especially when their customer is only buying a new domain name from them. The profit margin is too low to bundle in a shared web hosting plan doesn’t it? However, this is made possible by both Doteasy and Godaddy web hosting. They both offers free hosting service for their domain customer.

Since the domain price is so expensive right now and easily cost more than $12 per year, this domain registration service with free hosting plan is really a great web hosting bargain. Additional $12 dollars is entitling you for a basic hosting plan to host your domain name. That’s an incredible web hosting deal.

Blog Customization Contest & Win $1600

Having a blog site hosted here? Having your own fancy blog theme design? Send it over and take part in this “Doteasy hosted blog customization contest”. And get a chance to win one of 6 great prizes! First winner will get away prizes worth over $1600 dollars.

Customization blog contest

This is a very simple contest. First you must host your blog with them, either setup a new blog or migrate over. Next, send them link to your coolest blog. And you can vote on your favourite blog too. It’s a very simple contest and you too can get a chance to win one of 6 great prizes!

If you need a web hosting plan for your blogs, consider their unlimited web hosting plan today. It’s now with special promotion price and you can get the blog web hosting plan from $3.98 per month only. Having your own blog is very affordable if you had chosen the right blog hosting plan.